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Tonya Craig

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My name is Tonya M. Craig and I am the founder of The Ultimate Force. 

I am married to Gregory Craig and because of his undying love and support the decision to become a business owner came to fruition. For many years I have worked and provided assistance for a number of populations. But this is one that garners much more support. My goal is to change the narrative for a group of men and women who should be afforded a second chance. My work history includes 10 years in Human Services and 15 plus years working in Corporate America. 

I have an undergraduate degree in Health Care management and a masters in Clinical Counseling.


My personal goal is to meet the needs of each individual who wants the support, but remembering that no matter how much you want it for them, they have to want it for themselves. I am blessed beyond measure as only God has granted me the knowledge and drive to pursue this dream. I also want to thank my parents who taught me how to continue on the path, regardless to how many doors have been shut; and might I add there have been many.


Finally, I want to thank both my Aunt Lisa and my life long Mentor, Dr. Deborah Hauck. They inspired me to further my education and to never lose faith regardless of the challenges. They never gave up on me, though at times I was prepared to give up on myself.

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