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Dayora Haynes

Dayora M. Haynes is a native of Cameron, SC. She is the proud mother of two children (Damian and Khadeja), and a GiGi to her precious grand-daughter, Kamryn. She has accepted the role of Program Manager. When the opportunity presented itself to become the Program Manager at a new organization she was reluctant, but she is a visionary leader who is able to implement innovative ideas. Also, she will have the opportunity to make a difference in a group of individuals who deserve a chance to make a positive change in their lives.


Ms. Haynes will be responsible for making sure the appropriate programs are in place and working in accordance with our mission. Also, she will be tasked with the duties of hiring the most authentic, team-oriented individuals for the organization. It is important that each person we work with has the same values, perspectives, and desires to meet the needs of the client.


Ms. Haynes is a Notary Public. Additionally, she has worked a number of years providing hardship assistance for a variety of clients and recently worked a dual role as an Admissions Counselor/Career Transition Specialist. She graduated from Claflin University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice Administration. Also, she graduated  from Webster University with  two master’s degrees in Management/Leadership and Health Administration. Ms. Haynes is a firm believer that if she can help someone then her living will not be in vain.

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